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Address: No. 6, Sanhua Road, high tech Industrial Park, Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province

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Enterprise spirit: honesty, pragmatism, innovation and excellence.

Team spirit: unity, mutual assistance, hard work, enterprising, happiness and sharing.

Enterprise style: strict management, seriousness and strict discipline.

Business policy: survive with high quality, win customers with integrity, base on one side, radiate the whole country and go to the world.

Business strategy: keep pace with the times and constantly innovate.

Management philosophy: people oriented, benefit from management.

Obedience concept: there is no excuse, only obedience.

Executive philosophy: do what you say and be effective.

Brand concept: integrity management, quality wins the market.

Market concept: there is no off-season market, only the off-season idea.

R & D philosophy: continuously innovate and exceed customer expectations.

Team concept: there are no excellent individuals, only excellent teams.

Time concept: time is efficiency and time is life.

Customer service concept: try every means to move customers with details.

Quality concept: quality consciousness is in my heart and product quality is in my hands.

Work style: react quickly and act immediately!

Safety concept: safety is no small matter.